“I am a self taught photographer obsessed with nature and creative perspectives. I love the ability to express oneself through visual media, It teaches one to look at things in different ways, and through that, grow”

An artist with a lens

Many artistic passions of mine, tend to come in and out of my life, the two biggest constants for me have been photography and the exploration of nature. I find peace, and solace in the woods, near lakes, rivers, mountains and under the night sky. I learn lessons by observing, watching and listening to the world around me in those places. I have found the best way for me to share those moments and experiences is with photography, the camera allows me to paint a picture of what I find meaningful and impactful. The captured images are a window into my very soul, I share them in hopes of inspiring others to connect with nature and find their best selves within it.

May there never be a day, where the beauty of earth doesn’t take your breath away at least once.


Charun Stone

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The beauty of the vast north, captured by Charun Stone