A bit about me

Just a girl obsessed with nature, creative ventures, and a lust for adventure

For those that are new here, my name is Charun Stone. I am a photographer, artist, and northern nature enthusiast living in the Yukon, the place I call my home, my souls place of belonging. I have a strong belief in our connection with nature being the key to what makes us human, the lessons she offers us can guide us to our best version of ourselves.

I have started this blog to help me better refine and focus on what drives me, and inspires me in my adventures. To be able to share my experiences and thoughts about our place in nature, and how I have learned from it.

I use many different forms of expression to share what I see and feel, photography is one of the expressions that I love most to share, as it leaves a lot to interpretation and allows everyone to take something personal from each image.

I hope you enjoy my writings, my thoughts, and my visual expressions. My gallery and website will be updated as time goes on, for those that are interested in my work, prints, canvases, and metal prints are available for purchase through the gallery pages. Any and all support is greatly appreciated, as it enables me to do more, and share more.

Never stop exploring, never stop listening to what the winds have to say, never stop dreaming of the tops of mountains.

Charun Stone
Naturally Charun Photography

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